July 26, 2021

PPKM extended to August 2, some restrictions eased + Bali has oxygen crisis of up to 70 tons a day says health office + 40% of Covid positive Denpasar residents have ID cards from outside Bali + more

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Weather & Tides

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Local Covid Numbers

*Note: After Saturday’s 1,057 cases, daily cases dropped to below 1,000 for the first time on Sunday, with 990. This is in line with the “Weekend Effect,” where lower cases are reported on weekends due to possible lower testing capacity. Sunday’s cases included 11 who had returned from overseas, and 168 who had traveled domestically. The 7-day average is now 1,076, and there have been 397 fatalities this month so far.

Click here to see the national numbers infographic and a Regency-by-Regency breakdown of yesterday’s local numbers, which includes a look back at last week’s overall totals.

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The Big News

"Indonesia Extends Curbs to August 2" from Reuters: Indonesia extended its COVID-19 restrictions by a week to August 2 on Sunday to try to curb infections, after the government said it would add more intensive care units amid a rise in deaths. Considerably looser than the previous curbs, Jokowi said the government would gradually adjust some restrictions, while allowing traditional markets and restaurants with outdoor areas to open, with some limitations, such as giving customers 20 minutes to finish their meals. Some businesses, from salons to vehicle repair shops, are now allowed to open. Senior minister Luhut Pandjaitan, who oversees the COVID response on Java and Bali, said the curbs would apply in 140 regions across Indonesia, including the capital Jakarta. Indonesia last week reported record-high deaths on four separate days, the last of which was 1,566 deaths on Friday, bringing cumulative deaths to more than 83,000. Total infections have climbed to more than 3.1 million, though health experts say both deaths and case numbers have been undercounted.

Context: As part of the relaxed curbs in PPKM Level 3 regions (which includes Bali), shopping centers, malls, and trade centers can open with a maximum capacity of 25% until 17.00 local time.

"Health Office: Bali Has an Oxygen Crisis of Up to 70 Tons Per Day" from Antara Bali (Indonesian): Head of the Bali Provincial Health Office, Dr Ketutu Suarjaya, said that due to the surge in positive Covid-19 cases, the local area is now experiencing a crisis or lack of oxygen of up to 70 tons a day. "We started experiencing the lack of oxygen since July 14 and the condition is getting more critical day by day," he said. He said that on July 14, the demand for liquid oxygen in various hospitals in Bali was 104.34 tons (72,962,526 liters), while the oxygen available at hospitals was 99.62 tons (69,666,728 liters). Suarjaya added that PT Samator, as the oxygen provider, previously guaranteed that Bali's oxygen needs were safe for the next three months. However, in the the mids of high demand due to the spike in cases in Java, the supply for Bali was finally hamptered. "The current situation is very stressful because Bali is in a crisis of oxygen and of course we must immediately find a solution."

Context: Bali’s deputy governor Cok Ace has apologized for the situation, calling Bali’s current oxygen levels a “red light.”

"40% of Denpasar Residents Exposed to Covid-19 Have ID Cards from Outside Bali" from Bali Puspa News (Indonesian): This is an obstacle for the Denpasar City Government to carry out centralized isolation [as the existing facilities are only for those with Denpasar ID cards]. Regarding these conditions, the Denpasar City Government coordinated with the Province of Bali to provide a place for centralized isolation. "The Mayor has coordinated so that the Bali Provincial Government helps provide a place for centralized isolation for residents with non-Denpasar ID cards," said Denpasar City Covid-19 Task Force Spokesperson, I Dewa Gede Rai. The City Government has prepared 4 centralized isolation places with a capacity of 400 beds, however, these places are only intended for those with Denpasar ID cards. Moreover, according to Dewa Rai, positive cases are dominated by family clusters. This is because many are still self-isolating at home. "With this centralized isolation, we will be able to avoid family clusters, because self-isolation is very vulnerable to spreading the Covid-19 virus," he added.

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Other Headlines

"Overwhelmed Hospitals Contribute to Soaring Covid-19 Deaths: Minister" from Antara: The Indonesian government said on Sunday that overwhelmed hospitals and COVID-19 patients arriving at hospitals with low oxygen saturation had contributed to the soaring deaths in the past week. The soaring death rate was also triggered by the absence of carers for COVID-19 patients conducting self-isolation at home, Coordinating Maritime Affairs and Investment Minister Luhut B. Pandjaitan said. The factors were revealed as part of significant findings of recent field studies. He said that the people succumbing to the coronavirus disease are generally those with comorbidities or unvaccinated. "After knowing these factors, we must take immediate intervention measures to reduce the COVID-19 death rates." Among the immediate measures are increasing the ICU bed capacity at hospitals and ensuring the availability of medical oxygen stocks in areas with high COVID-19 death rates. Pandjaitan also highlighted the importance of having centralized self-isolation facilities, and carers for high-risk groups of COVID-19 patients conducting self-isolation at home to reduce the death rates.

Vaccination Update

Health Protocols (Prokes) & Health Services

"Bali Provincial Government Financing for Hotel Quarantine Rp.4.2 Billion in Arrears" from Radar Bali (Indonesian): The secretary of the Bali Province Covid-19 Task Force (Satgas) delivered this shocking news. The Chief Executive of the Bali BPBD, who is also the Secretary of the Bali Province Covid-19 Handling Task Force, Made Rentin, said his party has reported the debt to the chairman of the BNPB (National Disaster Management Agency). "Hotel quarantine funds are ready to use only until February 2021. So currently, we still have a debt of Rp. 4.2 billion." For this reason, with debt still remaining and the increasing number of positive confirmed cases of Covid-19 in Bali due to the emergence of new variants, Rentin admitted that he wanted to use a hotel under the Ministry of BUMN as a quarantine place.


Economy & Infrastructure

"BI Survey of Bali Province, 81% of Social Assistance Used for Food" from Bali Express (Indonesian): Based on the results of a survey by Bank Indonesia for the Province of Bali, the most social assistance (bansos) received or around 81.21% is in the form of basic needs or food, while the smallest or about 1.42% is used for health. This survey was conducted on 160 respondents from June to July 2021. "In fact, respondents said they wanted the social assistance in the form of additional working capital, the second being cash. But what is most desired is an injection of venture capital,” said Deputy Head of the Bank Indonesia Representative Office for the Province of Bali, Rizki Ernadi Wimanda. According to the survey, the Covid-19 pandemic has led to a decrease in income of up to 100%. Before Covid-19, respondents with incomes ranging from Rp.1 million to Rp.3 million per month are now 60.8%, down to less than Rp.1 million per month.


"More Than 2,600 Virus Patients Have Died in Self-isolation: Laporcovid-19" from The Jakarta Post (Metered Paywall): Independent data initiative LaporCOVID-19 has reported that at least 2,641 COVID-19 patients have died in self-isolation or while awaiting emergency care during the pandemic’s second wave. The deaths were recorded from the beginning of last month until July 24 across 84 cities and regencies in 17 provinces, with the provinces of Java reporting the highest numbers. This includes Jakarta, where at least 1,161 people died of the coronavirus while in self-isolation, followed by West Java with 446 deaths and Yogyakarta with 307, according to the group. Sleman, Yogyakarta, recorded the highest number of self-isolation deaths outside Jakarta with 118. LaporCOVID-19 compiled the data from various sources, including from direct reports to the group, the Jakarta Health Agency, civil society organizations, and information from social media.

"Until Semester 1 2021, Thousands of Foreigners Still in Bali" from Bali Post (Indonesian): Until  June 2021, Regional Head of Bali Ministry of Law and Human Rights, Jamaruli Manihuruk, said there are still 110,292 foreigners still in Bali. Of these, most have limited stay permits (KITAS), or as many as 79,185 people. The top five nationalities with KITAS are Russia (14,359), United States (8,602), Australia (6,706), United Kingdom (6,642), and France (5,249). There are 2,502 holders of permanent residence permits (KITAP). They are dominated by people from Japan (394), followed by Australia (386), France (239), the US (227), and the Netherlands (223).

"PCR Test Data in Bali Still Hidden, Residents Ask to Be Opened to the Public" from Radar Bali (Indonesian): The handling of Covid-19 in Bali is felt by some groups to not be transparent enough, especially in terms of PCR-based swab test data carried out by the Covid-19 Task Force. This was stated by Nyoman Mardika, as a resident of Denpasar. He said the government in Bali should not only show data on the development of Covid-19 cases, namely the number of confirmed cases, deaths and recoveries. Instead, he said, it is also necessary to submit data on the number of 3T (testing, tracing, treatment) carried out. "As far as I know, what works optimally is only tracing carried out by the Health Service through the community health clinics. But when it comes to testing and treatment, I think it's not optimal," he said.  

"Golden Triangle Port Project Threatened to Be Delayed" from Tribun Bali (Indonesian): Port projects in the golden triangle area in Sanur, Nusa Penida, and Nusa Ceningan are estimated to be behind the completion target. The Sampalan Port project in Nusa Penida has experienced a setback from the previous target of July 2021 to October 2021. This delay has disappointed many people in the three regions. The chairman of Commission III of the Bali DPRD, Anak Agung Ngurah Adhi Ardhana alias Gung Adhi, said that the commission hoped that the port project would be completed and operate according to target. He stated that the project experienced delays due to changes in the design in the form of Balinese style at the Sampalan Port. According to the PDIP politician, the delay is considered to be understandable if it is still within the corridor of the same fiscal year. Therefore, his party urges that the three projects can be completed according to plan.

"Increasingly Widespread, Gotong Royong Movement Helps Others Amid Pandemic" from Bali Post (Indonesian): The gotong royong movement to help residents affected by Covid-19 in various regions in Bali is expanding. The punk community is distributing nasi bungkus [packaged rice meals] and basic necessities. The Coordinator of the Punk Community, Gus Surya Vandal, said the distribution of nasi bungkus took place at St. Luke, Jl Batubulan. People in need are welcome to come and take as needed. He said the funds to buy food were obtained from donations from the underground music loving community in Bali, especially punk music. "Some of our friends have lost their jobs and livelihoods. Coupled with the implementation of PPKM which of course is considered burdensome for our friends who depend on trading for a living. Therefore we took the initiative to distribute free food," he said. The movement's facilitator, Liz Oprandi, said they buy rice from nasi jinggo [small packaged rice meals] traders on the street, targeting 600 portions a day.

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