October 13, 2021

More countries suggested for Bali reopening + Bali surf school awaits foreign surfers + 19 years since the Bali Bombing + more

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The Big News

“Bali Reopens; 6 Countries Approved in International Travel Corridor” from Tempo: The Tourism and Creative Economy Minister Sandiaga Uno on Tuesday said there are at least six countries that have established communication with Indonesia regarding this plan. They will be the first countries to have their citizens permitted to visit Bali. “Six countries where their tourists are permitted to visit Indonesia are South Korea, Japan, China, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, and New Zealand,” Sandiaga Uno wrote on October 12. Apart from the six aforementioned countries, the government is planning to add travel corridors to Hungary, France, Spain, Poland, the Netherlands, Britain, Italy, Singapore, Austria, Germany, Belgium, Australia, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, and Russia. In contrast with Sandiaga’s statement, Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs and Investment Luhut Binsar Pandjaitan said there are 18 countries with permits to travel to Bali.

Context: Saudi Arabia is a new addition to the previously suggested five. On Tuesday media reported that Saudi had opened the possibility of vaccinated Indonesians making the Umrah pilgrimage (with a booster shot). The other 16 nations are notable for including Australia and Singapore (which was specifically not invited on Tuesday) and for not totalling 18, which was the previously reported extended invite list, and which Minister Luhut is reported to be sticking to.

“Bali Surf School Owner Eagerly Awaiting Imminent Return of Foreign Tourists” from Reuters: Surf school owner Halfia Londa is pinning all her hopes on Indonesia's plan to reopen Bali to some foreign tourists from mid-October. The closure stripped away most of Halfia's business virtually overnight, plunging her into debt. "We try to be economical, we eat twice a day without lunch ... we try to always cook what we can eat for at least two days," she said. Previous plans to reopen the tourism hotspot have been repeatedly delayed. Bali, where tourism accounts for more than half the economy, has been particularly hard hit by the pandemic. Tirta Mursitama, an expert in international business at Binus University, said now was the time to seize the opportunity to innovate in Bali's hospitality and tourism sector. "We know that every business is changing, so there's a need to become innovative," he said.

“19 Years Since Bali Bombing, Survivors Hope Fellow Victims Strengthen Each Other” from Suara Bali (Indonesian): A memorial for the 19th anniversary of the Bali Bombing was held at the Ground Zero Monument on Tuesday. The Bali Bombing tragedy is still vividly remembered for the survivors who attended this commemoration event. One of them is Thiolina Marpaung, who confessed he came to the monument and his heart felt unstable because of the memory that came back. He said that they were fellow victims of the Bali Bombings who were still trying to strengthen each other so that they could continue to live even though Bali was again afflicted with many difficulties due to the COVID-19 pandemic. "Tonight we can pray together, from the families of the victims of the Bali bombings, officials and foreign guests," he said.

Context: The Witness and Victim Protection Agency announced that compensation to 413 victims of terrorism will be paid out by the end of 2021 (Indonesian).

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  • The Movement of Recovery (Yayasan Pergerakan Pemulihan) is one of the main drivers of mental health services in Bali. Together with BBB Community, they launched LISA (Love Inside Suicide Awareness), a helpline which offers support in Bahasa Indonesian and English. They offer free counselling and support for those in need. For more information, please visit their website here.

Other Headlines

“Passenger Traffic at Bali's Ngurah Rai Airport Increases Significantly” from Tribun Bali (Indonesian): The trend of increasing domestic tourists visiting Bali occurs on weekends, and the increase is significant when compared to normal days. "The trend is still busy or there is a significant increase on weekends, the peak is on Sunday. But from Thursday to Friday there will be an increase, and the peak is usually on Sunday," said Stakeholder Relations Manager Angkasa Pura I (Persero) I Gusti Ngurah Rai International Airport, Taufan Yudhistira on Tuesday. On the weekend of last Sunday the daily average could reach more than 13,000 passengers, both arrivals and departures. When compared with the average day during the period in September which was only 7,000 passengers, there was an increase of almost 100%.

Context: A report on Monday also highlighted increased numbers via the Gilimanuk ferry crossing from Java.

Vaccination Update

“Indonesia, India, South Korea in Covid Vaccine Hub Race” from Antara: Indonesia is competing with India and South Korea to emerge as a hub for training and transfer of knowledge for COVID-19 vaccine production in the Asia-Pacific region, a Foreign Affairs Ministry official said. “At this moment, we are competing with India and South Korea for the (designation as a vaccine) hub,” Director of Socio-cultural Affairs and International Organization of Developing Countries at the ministry Penny D Herasati said on Tuesday. Indonesia has some strategies for winning against India and South Korea, she said adding that one of them is presenting the competence of its pharmaceutical industry through deeming state-owned company, Bio Farma, as a center of excellence.


Health Protocols (Prokes) & Health Services

“Government Should Continue PPKM Despite Covid-19 Case Drop” from Antara: Head of the Health Handling Division at the Indonesian Government's COVID-19 Task Force Alexander Ginting called for continuing the implementation of PPKM despite the number of daily cases having decreased. “We cannot stop the implementation of PPKM despite the positivity rate being already 1.6 or 1.4%. Vaccines in the community help to suppress the spread," he said on Tuesday.


Economy & Infrastructure

“Labuan Bajo 4-5 Star Hotel Development Permit Will Be Closed” from Republika (Indonesian): The Managing Director of the Implementing Agency for the Labuan Bajo Flores Authority, Shana Fatina, said that the permit for the construction of four and five-star hotels in Labuan Bajo would be closed in 2022. "Hospitality development permits in Labuan Bajo as of October 2022 will be closed and this is specifically for four-star hotels and above. This is a moratorium until 2030," he said on Tuesday. Shana said the closure permit was carried out to protect the supply and demand for the development of Labuan Bajo so that quality tourism and a healthy climate would occur.

Context: This development marks a turnaround in events for the capital of Flores, with reports in early September forecasting an expansion in developments rather than a moratorium.



“PTM for Foreign Students in Badung a Concern” from Suara Bali (Indonesian): Chairman of Commission IV of the DPRD of Badung Regency, Made Sumerta said that education providers whose students consist of foreigners in the implementation of Face-to-face Learning or PTM require very high attention. This is important because apart from having a high risk, it also concerns the reputation of education in Badung. "Speaking of higher risk, more special attention is needed from the education providers in implementing PTM," he said. "Of course, in the implementation, we will ask for reports related to what the field monitoring looks like during the implementation of PTM at the school," he said.

Context: For all the reporting on the domestic school system in Bali, this is the first story we’ve seen in some time covering Bali’s many international schools, and their PTM practises.


Bali Reopening

“Mandatory Quarantine a Barrier to Foreign Tourist Hotel Bookings” from CNN Indonesia (Indonesian): Deputy Head of Culture, Environment and Public Relations of the Regional Management Board of the Indonesian Hotel and Restaurant Association Bali, I Gusti Ngurah Rai Suryawijaya estimates that Bali’s lack of hotel orders is due to the quarantine policy. "Until now, we have not (booked a hotel). It depends later, if the quarantine policy is for example under five days, yes, for example three days and the fourth day (tour). Possibly, it can be considered and become a consideration for potential tourists," said Suryawijaya on Tuesday. "If positive people are allowed to quarantine. If negative people are quarantined for too long, they can't spend a lot of money for it. If domestic tourists to Bali arrive quickly, they don't check again and don't quarantine," he said. For this reason, he hopes that the government will not require quarantine.

Context: A similar call was made Advisory Council of the Association of Hospitality Leaders Indonesia who also requested a reduction to a two- or three-day quarantine (Indonesian).


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How You Can Help Bali

In response to the collapse of the tourism sector in Bali and the resulting economic crisis due to Covid19, tens of thousands of families have found themselves with a greatly reduced income—if any. By the middle of 2020, over 100,000 people on Bali had lost their job. While government support has been limited, Indonesians and foreigners have sprung into action, raising funds and distributing badly needed food and everyday essentials to those most in need.

We've been raising awareness of these efforts, and if you’d like to make a contribution of any kind, you can see a list of some organisations here. Further projects have registered themselves with Bali Solidarity. If you know of an effort and would like to have them listed, please send their information to TheBaliBeat@outlanders.global

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