October 20, 2021

Mandatory PCR tests for Java Bali flights are delayed + Foreign tourists must have US$100,000 insurance + IDR 450 million social assistance money not dispersed + more

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The Big News

“Mandatory PCR on Java-Bali flights, when does it apply?” from CNBC Indonesia (Indonesian): There is a new regulation as a condition for people to travel during PPKM Level 2 Java-Bali. The regulation is contained in the Instruction of the Minister of Home Affairs Number 53 of 2021, and requires a PCR (H-2) test for aircraft, and antigen (H-1) for private cars, motorcycles, buses, trains, and ships. Regarding air travel requirements, the Spokesperson for the Ministry of Transportation Adita Irawati said that so far the travel conditions for domestic and international passengers have always referred to the Circular of the Covid 19 Handling Task Force. Therefore, the Ministry of Transportation is currently coordinating with the Covid 19 Handling Task Force to issue a Task Force Circular that accommodates the new provisions. He said that if there are new provisions, his party will officially announce it to the public and will give flight operators and airports time to adjust to these provisions.

Context: To clarify the above, as the regulation wasn’t issued by the Covid Task Force, is isn’t being applied, yet. The Minister of Home Affairs will co-ordinate with the Task Force to have them apply the new conditions at an unspecified time in the future.

“Foreign Tourists Must Have US$100,000 Insurance” from Tempo: Tourism and Creative Economy Minister Sandiaga Uno clarified the government's policy on mandatory health insurance with coverage of at least US$100,000 or Rp1 billion for foreign tourists entering Indonesia. Sandiaga said the coverage must include treatment for COVID-19. “Every tourist is required to have health insurance to travel abroad. With health insurance, foreign tourists who are not registered as Indonesian citizens can access health facilities properly if they are exposed to COVID-19,” said Sandiaga on Monday. He said the cost of health treatment of foreigners is not the responsibility of the Indonesian government.

Context: The Minister also clarified that the US$100,000 figure is related to the amount of coverage required — not what tourists need to pay as the premium. In a related story, the Minister said a premium of IDR 800,000 to 1,000,000 would be required. He also suggested foreign tourists would be allowed to buy their coverage upon arrival (Indonesian).

“Social Assistance Has Not Been Disbursed in Bali Rp 450 M” from Republika (Indonesian):  Social Minister Tri Rismaharini said as many as 75,000 Beneficiary Families in Bali have not received social assistance. Risma said the Rp 450 billion fund was an accumulation of the social assistance budget that had not been distributed from July to September 2021 throughout the province of Bali. "This is an extraordinary number. If we can disburse this, it will greatly help the movement of the economy," said Risma on Tuesday. Risma noted Bali's economic condition is still not fully recovered. "If thousands have not received aid, this will greatly affect the economic recovery. If it is liquid, you can at least buy eggs. Buy rice," said Risma.

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Other Headlines

“Survey Finds Tourist Spending in Bali Rp5 Million-Rp10 Million” from Bisnis Bali (Indonesian): A Bank Indonesia survey mapped the average tourist spending in Bali during the pandemic reaching Rp 5 million-Rp 10 million for one family. Deputy Head of the Bank Indonesia Representative Office for the Province of Bali Rizki Ernadi Wimanda said, for expenditures per person, the value reached Rp. 3.1 million. The biggest expenditure of tourists while in Bali is on accommodation, followed by eating and drinking and souvenirs. Meanwhile, the lowest expenditure was directed to the health and beauty sector. During the pandemic, tourism visits to Bali were dominated by domestic tourists with an average length of visit of less than five days.

Context: The results of this survey contrast with repeated statements by the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy that there is considerable demand (Indonesian) for health tourism (Indonesian) to Bali and that it should be prioritized in plans for future tourism development.

Vaccination Update

“Indonesia Welcomes Batch of Astrazeneca Doses From Japan” from Antara: Indonesia received doses of AstraZeneca’s COVID-19 vaccine from the Government of Japan. The AstraZeneca doses will be sent to Indonesia gradually or in batches. "The first batch, which totalled 224,000 doses, was received today at Soekarno-Hatta Airport," Indonesian Foreign Minister Retno LP Marsudi said on Tuesday. The phases of delivering vaccines from Japan will be carried out over six flights from 19th to 22nd October. The delivery is the 92nd delivery of vaccines to the country, meaning the total number of vaccines that have arrived is now 285,300,400, both in the form of raw materials and finished products.

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Health Protocols (Prokes) & Health Services

“Govt Arranges Strategy to Prevent Cases Spike on Year-end Holidays” from Antara: Indonesia's COVID-19 Handling Task Force is preparing strategies to prevent a spike in COVID-19 cases during the end of the year holidays, government spokesperson for COVID-19 handling, Wiku Adisasmito, said. "Currently, the government is strategizing across ministries/institutions to anticipate a spike in cases at year-end holidays," he said on Tuesday. The strategies should be prepared as early as possible in order to suppress potential spikes during the holiday season, he said. It is feared that COVID-19 cases will surge again during the period, like last year, he said.


Economy & Infrastructure

“WSBK, MotoGP to Have Multiplier Effect on Economy” from Antara: Motorcycle racing events, the World Superbike and MotoGP 2022, in the Mandalika Special Economic Zone, Lombok, will have a multiplier effect on the economy, Indonesia Tourism Development Corporation stated. "We believe that the motorcycle racing event that will take place in Mandalika will have a multiplier effect on the economy and accelerate tourism recovery in Indonesia and especially NTB," ITDC Director of Finance, Strategy and Risk Management, Nugdha Achadie, said on Tuesday. Achadie noted that the multiplier effect will be apparent from the economic value generated from the WSBK and MotoGP events, reaching at least Rp500 billion, with a workforce of 7,945 people. In addition, the event will increase the absorption of at least 3,000 Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises workers, boost tourist visits to Lombok by 19%, and strengthen the country's branding.

Context: In a related story the Public Works and Public Housing ministry announced they have built 398 homestays to allow the local community to “take advantage of tourism”.

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“Students and Teachers in Buleleng in Random Antigen Rapid Test” from Bali Puspa News (Indonesian): In order to prevent and control Covid-19 in Buleleng Regency during the limited face-to-face learning, the Covid-19 Task Force carried out rapid antigen tests in samples in several schools. A number of students and teachers in Buleleng district were also targeted to undergo rapid antigen tests. If there are students or teachers who are reactive, they will immediately be followed up by including isolation or temporary closure of schools for the next three days. So far, only one student has tested positive for Covid-19 in a Buleleng high school.

Bali Reopening

“Bali to Provide Travel Guidebook to Foreign Tourists” from Antara: The Bali provincial government has said it has created a guidebook for tourists on vacationing in the province amid the COVID-19 pandemic as part of preparations to welcome foreign tourists. "As the government reopened tourism in Bali on October 14, we compiled a travel guide to be used by foreign tourists," Head of the Bali Provincial Tourism Office Putu Astawa said on Tuesday. According to Astawa, an increase will be seen in the number of tourists in November or December.

Context: The guidebook will include sections on the arrival protocols at Ngurah Rai and will be handed to them as reading material for their quarantine period. This is also the first time we’ve seen an official mention tourist arrivals not picking up until December.


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How You Can Help Bali

In response to the collapse of the tourism sector in Bali and the resulting economic crisis due to Covid19, tens of thousands of families have found themselves with a greatly reduced income—if any. By the middle of 2020, over 100,000 people on Bali had lost their job. While government support has been limited, Indonesians and foreigners have sprung into action, raising funds and distributing badly needed food and everyday essentials to those most in need.

We've been raising awareness of these efforts, and if you’d like to make a contribution of any kind, you can see a list of some organisations here. Further projects have registered themselves with Bali Solidarity. If you know of an effort and would like to have them listed, please send their information to TheBaliBeat@outlanders.global

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