October 22, 2021

Official: PCR test for Java Bali flights to be mandatory from Oct 24 + Transport capacity increased for flights and land + Domestic travelers surge but they demand low prices + Weekend reads + more

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The Big News

“PCR Test Report Mandatory for Air Travelers Entering Java-Bali” from Antara: Air travelers entering and leaving Java-Bali islands as well as regions with Level 3 and 4 PPKM are now required to carry a negative PCR test report, the COVID-19 Task Force has said. "Using PCR test results certainly has a higher accuracy than rapid antigen tests," COVID-19 Handling Task Force spokesperson Wiku Adisasmito said on Thursday. PCR tests must be taken within a maximum period of 2 x 24 hours before the flight, he said. The testing requirement has been narrowed to just PCR because there is currently no implementation of seat distancing in airplanes, he said. Adisasmito also said that air travelers to and from Java-Bali islands and areas under Level 3 and 4 PPKM will also be required to show a vaccine certificate proof. They will need to show that they have at least obtained the first dose of vaccine, he added.

Context: This regulation was first reported on October 19 as being issued by the Minister of Home Affairs. It was then postponed the following day, as the rule wasn’t issued by the Covid Task Force. This new report is also based off a ruling by the Minister of Home Affairs. Other reports have noted some ministers are unhappy with the new regulation, believing it will hold back the economy. Ngurah Rai Airport has announced they will enforce the rule from Ocotber 24 (Indonesian). Other reports have noted if a PCR test is to be mandatory, the price of the test should be reduced (Indonesian).

“Ministry Allows Public Transport Providers to Increase Passenger Capacity” from Antara: The Transportation Ministry has allowed public transportation providers to add passenger capacity for domestic travel in view of the significant decline in the number of COVID-19 cases in the country. “Passenger capacity for air transportation has been allowed to be more than 70%,” the ministry’s spokesperson, Adita Irawati, said on Thursday. However, airlines are required to leave three rows of seats vacant as quarantine areas for passengers exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms, she informed. Meanwhile, land transport in regions enforcing Level 3 and 4 PPKM may operate with a maximum of 70% passenger capacity, she added.

Context: The spokesperson didn’t clarify is the three empty rows should be taken from the 70% or are apart of the 30% to be left empty. The 70% figure contrasts with a report in Tribun-Bali on Thursday that stated Bali-Java flights were now permitted to fly at 100% of capacity (Indonesian). In a related development the Task Force lifted the ban on children under the age of 12 travelling, subject to them having a negative Covid-19 test result.

“Domestic Tourists in Bali Skyrocket but Prices Are Low” from Suara Bali (Indonesian): The number of domestic tourists visiting Bali is good news for hotel managers in tourist areas. The issue of room prices and tourist attractions is still not resolved, where prices remain below normal prices. The Domestic Marketing and Promotion Division of the PHRI Bali, Ismoyo S. Soemarlan, said on Monday that most hotel and villa managers still apply very low prices compared to normal prices. This condition is one of the magnets for the arrival of local travelers to Bali, and Bali is considered safe to visit because it has implemented standard procedures. "Indeed, what is still not profitable for us for hospitality is that the domestic rate is very low. They ask for lots of discounts," he said. Based on data from the Bali Tourism Office, domestic visits reached 7,000 to 10,000 per day, in the last three days since October 18.

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Other Headlines

“Instagrammer Fleeing Quarantine Could Face Imprisonment” from Tempo: The Metro Jaya Police spokesperson, Grand Commissioner Yusri Yunus said that Instagrammer Rachel Vennya along with her partner and manager could face up to a year behind bars if found guilty of violating the Law on Infectious Disease Outbreaks and Health Quarantine. The three people are currently being questioned by law enforcers at the Metro Jaya headquarters after Vennya allegedly did not complete her health quarantine period in Indonesia after traveling to the United States. However, the spokesperson was tight-lipped about the details of the case incriminating Rachel Vennya and whether it would lead to criminal charges filed against them.

Vaccination Update

“Vaccination Instrumental in Entering Covid-19 Endemic Stage” from Antara: Healthy lifestyle, vaccination, and adherence to health protocols are paramount to entering the endemic stage of COVID-19, an official of the Coordinating Ministry for Human Development and Cultural Affairs stated. "The government is currently conceiving a plan for the transition to the endemic stage of coronavirus to reduce the potential spread of the infection while restoring normalcy in daily activities," the ministry's Health Quality Enhancement and Development Department Deputy Head Agus Suprapto said on Thursday. "We should have firm measures in place to enter the endemic stage by ensuring 70% national vaccination coverage, adhering to health protocols, and improving the implementation of 3T," Suprapto said.

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Health Protocols (Prokes) & Health Services

“Task Force Seeks Action Against Sale of Fake Covid Certificates” from Antara: The COVID-19 Task Force has asked the authorities to take firm action against those found selling fake PCR test results, saying they could jeopardize public safety and health. "The authorities should not be hesitant in enforcing regulations in accordance with existing laws so that there are no violations," spokesperson for the COVID-19 Task Force, Wiku Adisasmito, said on Thursday. He said that good cooperation between the government, regional governments, and the community is essential to handle the pandemic.


Economy & Infrastructure

“KPAI Data Allegedly Leaked” from CNN Indonesia (Indonesian): The database belonging to the Indonesian Child Protection Commission (KPAI) is suspected of being leaked. The database was uploaded on October 13. It is suspected that the hacked data is from KPAI and includes the personal identities of people who have made complaints to KPAI. "And there are many other Indonesian government databases, 80% of website security in Indonesia is very weak, especially go.id," explained the account that leaked the data. The data provided includes name, ID card number, citizenship, telephone number, cellphone number, religion, occupation, education, address, email, date of birth, gender, and city of residence.

Context: There is no suggestion that the data within the Pedulilindungi app has been breached, though this is the latest in a series of alleged data “leakages” from government servers.

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“Teacher Hoisting Student on Shoulders Highlights Internet Disparity in Indonesia” from Coconuts Bali: The difficulties of getting stable internet access remain for many in Indonesia even 19 months later, as the widely circulating photos of a teacher carrying a student on his shoulders became the latest to illustrate the struggle. A series of photos uploaded on social media, reportedly taken at a primary school in Manggarai regency, East Nusa Tenggara, highlight the difficulties of getting a mobile internet signal in the remote area.

Bali Reopening

“Buleleng Tourism Office Focuses on Working on the Domestic Market” from Radar Bali (Indonesian): The Buleleng Tourism Office has chosen to focus on working on the domestic tourist market. Referring to data from the Buleleng Tourism Office, tourist visits in North Bali are dominated by domestic tourists. From January to October, there were 220,903 domestic tourists and 5,897 foreign tourists visiting North Bali. Acting Head of the Buleleng Tourism Office, Ni Made Rousmini, said that since international flights opened on October 14, there has been no sign of foreign tourist arrivals. Hotels that usually receive foreign tourist visits have also not received room orders. “New visits are still nil. Hotel reservations from foreign tourists are also empty. Last September, there were 186 foreign tourists visiting Buleleng,” said Rousmini on Thursday.


“Flying Car Planned to be Piloted in Bali” from Berita Satu (Indonesian): There is a government plan to start piloting flying cars in Bali with the consideration that Bali is known as a world-class tourist spot. "The trial and operation of vehicles that are claimed to be more environmentally friendly is the forerunner to the development of urban air mobility in Indonesia," said Head of the Jabodetabek Transportation Management Agency Polana B Pramesti on Thursday. The Director General of Air Transportation of the Ministry of Transportation, Novie Riyanto, said "The Ministry of Transportation welcomes the development of this technology in order to create a better future city. However, the formulation of regulations and policies for flying cars must be carried out comprehensively and in accordance with the latest technological developments in the transportation sector."

Context: The story did not clarify if a regular driving license would be sufficient for those wanting to avail themselves of a flying car in Bali.

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