September 24, 2021

Hotels line up for Bali quarantine + School transmission low + Sanglah cremates abandoned bodies + more

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The Big News

“78 Hotels Register for Quarantine” from Nusa Bali (Indonesian): Dozens of hotels are ready to operate as quarantine hotels to prepare for Bali’s open borders. The Regional Management Board of the Indonesian Hotel and Restaurant Association Bali said on Wednesday as many as 78 hotels had registered. Registration has been extended until Thursday and there is a possibility that the number of hotels registered will increase. "After it is complete, it will be submitted to the Covid-19 Task Force at BPPDBali," said Gus Purwa as Ida Bagus Purwa Sidemen said. Hotels that are quarantined, said Gus Purwa, may not accept guests other than guests for quarantine. "Therefore, hotels that have received prior bookings have chosen not to register," said Gus Purwa.

Context: Previous reports have noted that, given very low occupancy rates, some hotels believe acting as a quarantine hotel may allow for a more predictable revenue stream. The above figure of 78 hotels is substantially up on the “at least 50” interested properties reported on September 20.

“Covid-19 School Transmission Low After Face-to-Face Learning” from Antara: The Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology pointed to the relatively low rate of COVID-19 transmission in schools in several areas following the government's go-ahead to conduct face-to-face learning. "The number of schools that have begun to conduct face-to-face learning reaches 46,580. Meanwhile, the number of reports related to COVID-19 transmission in educational units is relatively low, which is 2.8%, or 1,296," director general of early childhood education, primary education, and secondary education at Kemendikbudristek, Jumeri said on Thursday. "Children can continue their learning from home if their parents are not sure and have not yet given permission to partake in face-to-face learning. I emphasize that there is no punishment and discrimination against children learning from home," he stated.

Context: There was a report from Jepara in Java on September 22 of a school outbreak resulting in 25 students and three teachers testing positive (Indonesian). It is unclear in the above story if this outbreak is included in Jumeri’s figure of 2.8%. There is a related story in the Education section below.

“People Should Adapt and Coexist With Covid-19” from Antara: Health Minister Budi Gunadi Sadikin has called on the public to start learning to adapt and coexist with the COVID-19 pandemic, as no pandemic could ever be over in a short period of time. "There is no pandemic that ends in a short time. The shortest, as far as I know, is five years, but some (last up to) tens to hundreds of years. Hence, we must learn to live with it," he said on Thursday. To start adapting to the pandemic, the first step for everyone is to get vaccinated against COVID-19, the minister said. "We see countries, such as Israel and the United States. The vaccination rate is high, but (cases of transmission) are rising again, as they ignore health protocols," he said.

Context: This is the first time we’ve noticed the Health Minister suggesting pandemics can last “tens to hundreds of years”.

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Other Headlines

“Sanglah Hospital Cremates 25 Abandoned Bodies” from Tribun Bali (Indonesian): As a hospital with a referral center, Sanglah Hospital is also a hospital that can accommodate abandoned bodies. The cremation of the abandoned bodies was held at the Mumbul Crematorium in Nusa Dua. The Head of Public Relations of Sanglah Hospital , Dewa Ketut Kresna, said that the purpose of this mass cremation was to increase the capacity of the morgue at Sanglah Hospital. "The goal is to increase the capacity of the morgue. The oldest bodies are those that have been stored since February 2019," he said on Thursday.

Context: There was no suggestion in the story that the bodies cremated were related to Covid19 cases.

Vaccination Update

“Two Million Daily Vaccinations Can Be Achieved” from Antara: National Police chief General Listyo Sigit Prabowo believes the daily vaccination target of two million doses could be achieved soon through the simultaneous organization of mass vaccinations in several parts of Indonesia. “The National Police chief mentioned the daily vaccination target of two million doses set by the President can be achieved through mass simultaneous vaccination,” chief of the information, documentation and information and data management section in the public relations division of the National Police, Senior Commissioner Tjahyono Saputro, said on Wednesday. According to the latest data, Indonesia has administered 79.5 million doses of the COVID-19 vaccine, making it the best-performing country in Southeast Asia in terms of coronavirus vaccinations, he said.


Health Protocols (Prokes) & Health Services

“Only 19 Choose Isoter in Bangli” from Nusa Bali (Indonesian): The number of Bangli residents undergoing centralized Covid-19 isolation (Isoter) in the training building of the Bangli Mental Hospital is falling, and only 19 people are left. However, that does not mean that there are only confirmed cases. Based on data on Wednesday, there are 161 Bangli residents who remain positive for Covid-19. Most people without symptoms and mild symptoms prefer isolation at home, rather than Isoter. "Those without symptoms and mild symptoms choose to isolate in the village because they feel more comfortable, and that is permissible," said Public Relations of the Bangli Covid-19 Handling Acceleration Task Force I Wayan Dirgayusa, because many residents are not positive for Covid but are undergoing isolation with their positive families. It could be because there is no other place to live, as well as anticipation that the virus is already in their body because they had contact with a Covid patient, but it has not been detected yet.


Economy & Infrastructure

“Yacht Parking and Taxi Route Permits a New Source of Income” from Bisnis Bali (Indonesian): Bali plans to impose a levy on the parking of tourist boats and yachts at the pier which is still within the provincial government's jurisdiction. Member of Commission I DPRD Bali I Made Rai Warsa, said the plan was the result of a proposal that came out in a working meeting of the Bali Provincial DPRD with relevant agencies, such as Bapenda, Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Service, Manpower Office-EMR, Investment Office-PTSP, Legal Bureau and others. "Regarding this proposal, and the limits of Gross Tonnage And on Fishing and other potential possibilities that can be developed, we will consult further with the competent parties," he said on Thursday.



“Schools Must Provide Pedulilindungi Support” from Nusa Bali (Indonesian): Schools in the yellow and green zones are required to provide Pedulilindungi support. The goal is to control students or teachers from the red zone area entering the school. "The key is in the application of care and protection," explained Karangasem Head of Youth and Sports Education I Wayan Sutrisna on Wednesday. Another requirement is that students and schools have entered the recommendation of the Dapodik, mapping in the field, complying with the prokes, and obtaining a permit from the local Covid-19 Task Force. Every student, he said, will have to bring a cellphone to school. "So far, students have studied online, meaning they have cellphones, on that cellphone, there is Pedulilindungi, it will be scanned when they arrive at school," they said.

Context: There have been multiple reports of people finding Pedulilindungi difficult to understand or use (Indonesian) and of it also causing check-in delays at Ngurah Rai Airport (Indonesian).

More ...

Bali Reopening

“PPKM Level Drops, Domestic Tourists Crowd Bali” from Suara Bali (Indonesian): Domestic tourists have been busy visiting several tourist attractions on Bali. Many judge that visitors fly to Bali because the regulations have changed from PCR to antigen testing. "Yes, it's getting crowded with tourists in Bali," said tourism lecturer at Udayana University Bali, Nyoman Sukma Arida. "Next week will be odd-even, especially for tourist sites, on weekends. This is to anticipate crowds," said Arida. He said anticipation was also made to avoid the occurrence of "revenge tourism." With the current number of domestic travelers, Bali should not be opened to foreign tourists, Arida said. Domestic tourists need to get attention and be treated like "tourists," so that the tourism sector records revenue. "Ubud's occupancy rate is only 20% until this September. If I look at it, many hotels have lowered their prices by up to 50%. It can be used for domestic tourists. That's good," said Arida.

Context: Data released by Bali’s airport yesterday supported Arida’s claim of increased visitor levels. It isn’t clear if Arida’s opinion of keeping foreign tourists out to benefit domestic tourists would see widespread support from Bali’s wider hotel industry.

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