September 29, 2021

Tourism Office prepares for reopening + Tourism to reduce inequality + Booster shot rollout prepared + more

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“Bali Tourism Office Prepares Integrated SOP for Reopening” from Antara Bali  (Indonesian): The Bali Provincial Tourism Office will immediately prepare an integrated guidebook or standard operating procedure (SOP) related to the opening of international tourism for the local area so that it can be carried out with the same standard on all lines. "I and the tourism experts will immediately gather to prepare an integrated SOP in handling tourists so that all components can understand and act with the same standard," said Head of the Bali Provincial Tourism Office I Putu Astawa on Tuesday. "Later, there will also be a follow-up meeting to discuss other preparations for opening international tourism for Bali," he said. This includes, he said, from the Immigration Office, he was asked to make an official statement through the media regarding the rules for managing visas for tourists who will enter Bali.

“Minister Uno Expects Tourism to Reduce Inequality” from Antara: Tourism and Creative Economy Minister Sandiaga Salahuddin Uno has said he expects the tourism sector to reduce economic inequality, in line with the 2021 World Tourism Day’s theme of "Tourism for Inclusive Growth". “There has been a phenomenon amid the COVID-19 pandemic that the rich have become richer, while the poor have become poorer,” he said on Monday. He said he believes that there is still scope in the tourism and creative economy sectors to generate a lot of business and employment opportunities for Indonesian people in the midst of the pandemic. He said inclusive growth must improve the condition of those who are experiencing various difficulties due to the pandemic, for instance, loss of livelihoods.

“Indonesia Prepares Booster Shot Rollout as Third Wave Looms” from The Jakarta Post (Metered Paywall)

The government is preparing a scheme to provide free and paid booster shots for the public as the country braces for a potentially devastating third wave. “We will have a more detailed calculation for this program, which is needed as a cushion if there is a third wave,” Coordinating Economic Affairs Minister Airlangga Hartarto said on Monday. He said free booster shots would be given to 87.4 million government-subsidized participants and 30 million non-wage recipients scheme participants of the national health insurance program, as well as 4.4 million children aged 12. The state budget, according to Airlangga, would pay for the needed 137.2 million doses of vaccines.

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Other Headlines

“Baby Monkeys for Sale in Bali, BKSDA Not Worried as are Abundant” from CNN Indonesia (Indonesian): The Center for Conservation and Natural Resources of Bali admitted that they are not worried about the sale of baby long-tailed monkeys because they are not endangered species. Previously, the Jakarta Animal Aid Network criticized the sale of baby long-tailed monkeys that were still happening at the Satria Bird Market in Denpasar. The head of the Bali BKSDA, R. Agus Budi Santosa, said that the population of long-tailed macaques or gray-tailed macaques is still quite abundant in Indonesia. "Productively breed like humans, there is no competition with other ape species and there are no predatory animals," said Santosa on Monday.

Vaccination Update

“Priority for Disabled People to Get Vaccines” from Antara: Social Affairs Minister Tri Rismaharini has prioritized people with disabilities to receive COVID-19 vaccinations by instructing regional heads to facilitate access for this category to get inoculated. "I also urge all regional heads to help facilitate access for persons with disabilities to get vaccinated. We have sent letters to the heads of the Java and Bali Provincial Social Offices to collect data on prospective vaccination recipients," the minister said on Tuesday. From the coordination between the Ministry of Social Affairs and the Ministry of Health and Social Offices in Java and Bali, 225,000 people with disabilities in the Java-Bali are targeted to receive the vaccination. Of the total target, data on 112,471 had been collected, comprising data of 106,357 people from Social Offices and 6,114 individuals from Health Offices.


Health Protocols (Prokes) & Health Services

“Pedulilindungi to be Accessible in Major Apps” from Tempo: The Indonesian Health Ministry’s chief digital transformation office Setiaji on Monday said PeduliLindungi will soon be able to be accessed in other popular mobile applications such as Gojek, Grab, Tokopedia, Traveloka, Tiket, Dana, Cinema XXI, LinkAja, up to Jakarta’s app Jaki. He claims features that exist in the tracing app will be available in the aforementioned platforms and is planned to be launched next month in October. “It will be launched in October. There are processes where we would need several models able to be accessed by many people,” Setiaji wrote.


Economy & Infrastructure

“Smesco Prepares Eastern Indonesian MSME Export Hub in Bali” from Antara Bali (Indonesian): Minister of Cooperatives and Small and Medium Enterprises, Teten Masduki, said that Smesco Indonesia is preparing an export hub for MSME products from eastern Indonesia in Bali. "In Bali, Smesco is preparing an export hub for MSME products from eastern Indonesia," said Teten Masduki on Tuesday. According to the Coordinating Minister for SMEs, currently the world's demand is high for herbal products such as essential oils and marine-based products. This can be a kind of showcase of how the MSME model goes global. "Now even MSMEs that do not have export permits can export retail, considering that we have cooperated with shipping service companies so that they can remain efficient," said Teten. He added that the Kemenkop UKM would take advantage of upcoming important events such as MotoGP, G20 in Indonesia to promote Indonesian SMEs.



“Schools Can't Force Parents Who Don't Agree” from Tribun Bali (Indonesian): The face-to-face learning (PTM) policy is predicted to start in early October. Head of the Bali Provincial Education Office, KN. Boy Jayawibawa said face-to-face learning would pay attention to the health and safety of students. "So this is the first time it has been implemented. The canteen is still closed, we are still relaxing for outdoor activities such as sports and the introduction of the school system. The technical assistance has been given to all school agencies," he said. After all is fulfilled such as supporting infrastructure, curriculum, and finally the parents' decision. "This is mandatory and absolute. If parents are not comfortable, they are still in doubt, they can't force it at all," he said. Therefore, Boy reminded the school not to be impressed by forcing parents who have not approved their children for face-to-face learning.

Bali Reopening

“Bali Government Targets Tourists From Four Countries” from Kompas (Indonesian): The door of Bali tourism for foreign tourists is planned to be opened in October 2021. The Bali Provincial Government continues to make a number of preparations including targeting a number of countries targeted to visit Bali. “We have recorded several countries based on length of stay in Bali. There are about four countries, namely America, Britain, Germany and Russia, which on average stay in Bali for two weeks," said Deputy Governor of Bali Tjokorda Oka Artha Ardhana Sukawati alias Cok Ace on Monday. According to Cok Ace, tourism actors have also prepared themselves well if Bali tourism is opened to foreign tourists. To date, more than 2,000 hotels, restaurants and tourism destinations have received a certificate of cleanliness, health safety and environment sustainability (CHSE) from the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy.

Context: This is similar to a story from Monday (Indonesian), though in that case Argentina rather than the USA was mentioned—a miss-quote perhaps. It is worth noting that Minister Luhut highlighted the USA as being a “high risk” country on Tuesday (Indonesian). Towards the end of this Tempo story (Indonesian), Minister Sandiaga flags charter flights as being one of the options being considered.

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