These are the results of our first reader survey!

Results of first reader survey reveal diverse audience. Community offers feedback on how to improve the newsletter

Hello there,

Just before The Bali Beat’s one-year anniversary last month we conducted our first reader survey. We wanted to find out how our steadily-growing audience feels about the newsletter and learn a bit more about you, so we can continue to ensure that this newsletter is and can remain a useful resource for the community. 101 readers shared their thoughts during the one-week survey, which represented 11% of subscribers at the time. Today we’re pleased to share the results. (You can find the raw data at the end of this post.)

Our audience is 54% male and 46% female. 90% of readers are over 34, and among those who mentioned their nationality, 34% are Australian, 21% are American, and 14% are British. We also have Indonesian, Belgian, Canadian, Chilean, French, German, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, South African, Swiss, and Ukrainian readers.  

69% of those surveyed are currently in Bali. Among those who aren’t on the island, 86% intend to return. (We wish them smooth travels when it’s possible!) Among those in Bali, 34% said that they have been here for 1-3 years; 21% for 4-8; 21% for 8-15; while 24% have been here for more than 15 years.

In terms of how readers feel about the newsletter, 98% appreciate the breadth of coverage, while 96% say it keeps them well-informed; and we were very happy to learn that 61% have shared the newsletter. 74% appreciate the evening Covid-19 update e-mail, and 96% like the Covid-19 infographic in the morning news edition. And because 70% said that they scroll past the surf forecast, we will be replacing it with a different infographic that is currently in development.

Here is a sample of some of the feedback we received:

  • “Your morning updates are the first we read, before any newspaper. Because you use multiple resources The Bali Beat is one of the most important objective news media for us.”

  • “I’ve relied on your newsletter for 12 months now and value the aggregation of news and translation of content.”

  • “It gives a sense of expat community.”

  • “It’s been an anchor for sanity.”

  • “I look forward to reading it every day and it’s provided me with a lot of information that I normally wouldn’t have known.”

  • “A slight American bias detected a few times (which is fine, as I guess that is the international media you choose to view). By and large a useful site, that I am happy to visit daily, but prefer not to subscribe to.”

  • “If you expand your scope and have more bodies working, it could replace some of what we lost with Bali Advertiser.”

  • “The only thing is that it’s sometimes badly translated (I guess from google translate) which can be hard to read. BUT I completely understand and it gives a good idea what’s in those Indonesian articles.”

  • “It would be useful to provide a definition of some of the acronyms used. At times it is also difficult to understand the full context of the text, perhaps due to it being translated, but overall I think this is a terrific service, especially for persons such as myself who would like to return to Bali.”

Thank you to all of you who took the time to share your thoughts with us. We’re excited about sharing more news about the future of The Bali Beat soon!

Here is the raw data:


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